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Top Tips for Managing Absence

The HR Place’s 6 top tips for managing absence:

1. Return to work interviews are, according to the CIPD, the most frequent absence management intervention. They can discourage non-genuine sick leave, and help to identify underlying issues. Health and safety concerns or adjustments to support the employee can also be addressed.

2. Flexible working policies enabling staff to work from home or alter working hours can achieve a better work life balance and reduce the risk of stress or mental health problems. 

3. Attendance incentives – a small bonus or an extra day’s holiday for zero absence over a year, for example. Note that employers must make sure they don’t discriminate against those with absence relating to a disability or pregnancy.

4. Perks like free or discounted gym membership, a weekly walking or running club, can promote a healthy lifestyle and improve employees’ health and wellbeing.

5. Training staff and line managers on how to cope with stress, mental health and wellbeing can have a significant impact on absence levels. 

6. Consider an agreement with a local counsellor, so that you can refer candidates who present with stress or other mental health concerns, at the company’s cost. Or weigh up the cost of subscribing to an Employee Assistance Programme, where employees have telephone support for any work or personal stress issues they may have.

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