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2018 Statutory Rate Update

Don’t forget that the following rate changes will apply from 6th April 2018:

Minimum Wage Increases

From April 2018, the minimum payment rates set by the government will increase to:

  • 25 years old and over – £7.83 per hour
  • 21-24 years old – £7.38 per hour
  • 18-20 years old – £5.90 per hour
  • 16-17 years old – £4.20 per hour
  • Apprentices under 19 (or in the first year of their apprenticeship) – £3.70 per hour.

Statutory Payments

From April 2018, statutory sick pay will increase to £95.05 per week. 

Statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental pay and maternity allowance will be £145.18 per week.

Compensation Limits 

  • Maximum guarantee payments: £28 a day (maximum £140, five days in any three month period) 
  • Maximum week’s pay for calculating redundancy and unfair dismissal basic award: £508 
  • Maximum basic award for unfair dismissal and statutory redundancy payment: £15,240 (30 weeks’ pay subject to the limit on a week’s pay) 
  • Minimum basic award for dismissal on trade union, health and safety, occupational pension scheme trustee, employee representative and on working time grounds only: £6,203. 
  • Maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal (unlimited for certain automatically unfair dismissals, for example, health and safety or whistleblowing): £83,682. 
  • Additional award for failure to comply with reinstatement or re-engagement order: £13,208 – £26,416 (26-52 weeks’ pay maximum).
  • Minimum compensation for employees excluded/expelled from trade union: £9,474 
  • Failure to allow right to be accompanied correctly: £1,016 (two weeks’ pay capped at the statutory amount) 
  • Failure to give written statement of particulars: £1,016 or £2,032 (two or four weeks’ pay capped at the statutory amount) 
  • Flexible working regulations: £4,064 (eight weeks’ pay capped at the statutory amount).

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