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Five ways to a happier workforce

Wondering how to motivate people (apart from a mammoth pay rise or their own private island)? Here are five seemingly small ways to make your workplace a happier place.

Work-life balance

Think your staff are engaged because they’re replying to emails at 9 o’clock on a Friday night? Tackling your own inbox out of hours may cause others unnecessary stress. Consider timing your emails to arrive during working hours. The same goes for working hours: a little flexibility goes a long way, and being present and being productive are not the same thing.

Hire happiness

When you’re hiring, seek people who not only have the right skill set for the job, but who will make your workplace a brighter place. Employing relationship-builders, social butterflies and glass-half-full types will pay dividends, compared with focusing just on the CV. Value people skills and employ people whose attitudes will enhance the working environment.

Show gratitude

Recognise and reward a job well done. You could introduce an ‘employee of the month’ programme or simply announce positive news company-wide to make sure employees’ achievements are celebrated. These don’t have to be limited to in-work achievements – praise for outside-of-work successes will show the company cares about the whole person, not just the worker.

Shout about the perks

Don’t let employee benefits go unnoticed. Whether it’s a health and wellbeing scheme, a generous pension programme or just free parking, make sure your staff know it’s there and how to access it. You could also use your company’s buying power to obtain some staff discounts, or have a company bulletin-board to share knowledge about offers and social events.

Lend an Ear

Make sure staff know you’re listening to their comments and suggestions. It’s no secret that sometimes, you only find out the nitty-gritty when people leave. Anonymous suggestion boxes can be a great way of finding out what’s really going on on the shop floor. As a Director or Manager, make yourself available and accessible wherever possible. A chat at the coffee machine can go a long way! 

What makes you happy at work? Leave us a comment below!