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Recruiting as a small business

If you’ve been putting off recruiting until the new year, you’re not alone. But now we’re here, how does a small business compete with all those ‘New Year, New Career’ adverts that appear throughout January? Here are a few pointers to begin with.

Flaunt it!

Your employer brand is going to attract the types of applicants that can help your business flourish. Not everyone wants to work for a conglomerate, and even seasoned city commuters can tire of the journey in time. Use your strategy and your brand to style how and where you advertise.

Say what you want. 

Write an accurate and meaningful job description to work from when picking skills for your advert. It sounds obvious, but so many ads use buzzwords rather than clearly stating what is needed. Stating exactly what skills and qualifications the role requires will firstly ensure the job ad appears in the right searches online, and secondly allows candidates to deduce whether or not they meet the criteria.

Do your research.

What skills and experience are you looking for and where do those people look for work? Certain types of roles respond well to newspaper advertising, while specialist vacancies might be better advertised in the relevant industry magazines. Word of mouth is a fantastic tool, so you could offer your workforce a ‘refer a friend’ bonus. 

Be flexible.

If you are finding it difficult to source the right applicants, think about how you can offer something extra. It might not be double the salary, but it could offer flexible working hours, job sharing, or something else that would encourage that perfect candidate to stroll in. I have known people leave executive city jobs for less than half the salary in the name of a family friendly lifestyle and a ten minute commute.

Of course, if you need support with any of this, don’t hesitate to get in touch! With a wealth of experience in all aspects of HR and recruitment, we can support you with job design, specifications, interview planning, onboarding and much more.

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