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Top 5 HR Hurdles

As a business owner, the ‘red tape’ behind people management may start off at the forefront of your mind as issues arise, but slip to the bottom of the to-do list. These are the top five HR challenges that businesses ask me for support with, and how to tackle them.

Fair and Unfair Dismissal

Whilst employees in the UK can only claim unfair dismissal if they have at least 2 years’ service, it is prudent to follow the correct procedures for any employee, and particularly to note that a discrimination claim can be made regardless of length of service. Employees with less than 2 years’ service can also claim wrongful dismissal if dismissed without notice.

Fantastic Freelancers

I’ve heard that even when you’re further down the line, simply finding the time to get everything done can be a huge challenge for business owners, and sometimes there will be jobs on the to-do list that fall way outside your own skill set, or simply don’t make business sense for you to spend time on (like my über-successful friend, who farms out her store returns to a Virtual Assistant).