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Part-timers and Bank Holidays

Here’s how to work out bank holiday entitlement for part-time workers.

Time off for bank holidays should be calculated on a pro rata basis for part-time workers, based on the total hours per week that they work.

For example, Angie works four days a week as an Office Assistant. If the company’s employment contracts provides for full-time employees to have bank holidays off, Angie should receive 4/5 of the eight bank holidays afforded to full-time employees. This means she has an entitlement of 6.4 days (rounded up to 6.5).

These 6.5 days would then be added to Angie’s annual leave entitlement, and any bank holidays that fall on her normal days of work would then be deducted from the total allowance.

If Angie works Monday to Thursday and a bank holiday falls on a Monday, she deducts one day from her entitlement. If a bank holiday falls on a Friday, no deduction is required.

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